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Engen Court Reporting and Video Service provides its clients with a broad spectrum of professional deposition services. We provide our attorneys the traditional court reporting services and in addition, we also offer rough ASCII, which are available same-day, keyword indexes, e-transcripts and real-time court reporting services.

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Accuracy in transcription and maintaining a verbatim record of deposition testimony is paramount to our clients. The court reporters of Engen Court Reporting and Video Service provide the hallmark for stenographic excellence.

If you are looking for a venue to hold a deposition, examination under oath, or public meeting, be it a small town or bigger city, Engen Court Reporting and Video Service has your solution.

Possessing decades of valuable experience working in the state of Minnesota with countless connections throughout, Engen Court Reporting and Video Service will secure an appropriate venue practically anywhere.

“No Stress… No Mess… Success!!!”

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