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Discovered in 1856 by a Scottish trapper, the falls from which the city gets half of its name were quickly named after the trapper’s employer, James Fergus. Incorporated in the late 1870s, farming was the chief industry for decades in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. However, in the late 1950s, with the construction of Interstate Highway 94 on the western edge of the city, population mobility increased dramatically and high school graduates began leaving town en masse. Bound for college locations such as Fargo-Moorhead and Minneapolis-St. Paul, the city of Fergus Falls seemed destined to become a retirement and nursing community. Yet with the development of the internet and telecommuting, many younger families, attracted to the area because of its abundant sporting opportunities and peaceful environment began to return. Today, Fergus Falls, Minnesota is home to over 13,000 people and is proud of its many different parks and tourist attractions including Lake Alice and the Union Avenue Bridge which spans the scenic Otter Tail River.

Engen Court Reporting and Video Service is the only call you need to make when scheduling a deposition, arbitration or examination under oath in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Having a long history with law offices such as:

  • Pemberton, Sorlie, Rufer & Kershner, P.L.L.P.
  • Cline Jensen, P.A.
  • Nycklemoe & Ellig, P.A.
  • Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire, P.A.
  • Krekelberg, Skonseng and Miller, P.L.L.P.

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